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The Right People. When you sit down with one of our people you will appreciate the difference between sales and solutions. We know that when we make a promise it impacts your budget, timeline and your company's mission.
 The Right People
The Right Process. ZUBA Solutions professional service practice maintains focus on the sales process, the pipeline and customer retention. With the economic challenges facing every business, no one can afford a sales team that is not on task, monitored and measured with real time reporting. We will work with your staff to ensure that it is.

Our professional services staff will work with your team from discovery through implementation of your

Microsoft Volume Licensing
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy. We have the skills and technology to automate the required tracking, reporting and management tools.

Build customer loyalty with a proven solution - Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a technology that will get your business on track. If you haven't seen the latest release of Dynamics CRM, please let ZUBA Solutions show you the new features and what they can mean to your business.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online combines the power of online services with the productivity applications that sales, marketing, and customer service teams use every day. This familiar solution brings together all your people and processes because it works directly within Microsoft Office Outlook, integrates with other Microsoft applications, and delivers complete, centralized customer information across all departments. Your people can work from any location with an Internet connection. Just as important, you'll be up and running quickly, because Microsoft hosts your solution and takes care of the technology that makes it run. learn more

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The Right Services - Microsoft Partner, ZUBA Solutions maintains a focus on your business objectives providing technology and skilled business professionals to complete your projects. We take pride in our customer's success and work hard to insure that our technology implementations and related training help you achieve your goals.

The skilled technical people we deliver will be pre qualified and prepared to step in and perform. In addition to representing you, they also represent ZUBA Solutions.

Whether it's organizational change management, software deployment, business process reengineering or program and project management, ZUBA Solutions will have it's finger on the pulse.

Microsoft Office 365

Cloud Based Business Solutions

Let's get pragmatic, drop the information technology CAPEX and reduce the IT expense run-rate by up to 40% now. "Office 365 delivered a 315% return on investment with a four month payback period"  See the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study.
Focus on your core competencies; have current software working for you now. "It's the way of the future".You run your own servers and software; why?
Cloud Services include: Office 365 Enterprise Suites, Microsoft Exchange Online Office 365 Message Encryption, SharePoint Online,
Lync Online (soon to be Skype for Business),OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Intune and Dynamics CRM Online (Customer Relationship Management). Oh, and no more messing about with VPN's. You access it all with the same SSL internet technology that you use for your bank.

With more than one million servers, Microsoft has invested $15 billion in its global data center infrastructure
, all of which are ISO/IEC 27001, SAS70 II certified, and have the authority to operate under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). That as you can imagine provides for economy scale and a business continuation plan that is second to none. It's also what makes Microsoft Online Services the way to go if you want to reduce your national and international operating expenses.

Exchange Inbox up to 50 gigabytes; messages up to 25 megabytes in size, encrypted if you need. How about getting rid of local  Outlook PST files with online unlimited personal archives OneDrive for Business gives each user 1 Terabyte of cloud storage accessible from anywhere, syncs with up to 5 devices (PC/Mac) for offline access.

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